Reflection of Week 10

This week there were two assignments that impacted me. One was the modern healthcare article I read. it was about the infrastructure in hospitals. They are struggling to find good software to help the employees. For reasons like these, they fear an audit. Listen to what it said: In a recent survey that went out around 94% of hospitals said that their clinical documentation system or process needed some improvement. Only a third of these said they re using software customized for hospices. 84% of the majority said that clinical documentation needs improvement and that staff and clinician satisfaction has decreased. In fact, the survey outlined that the clinician work-life balance has deteriorated to 81% and reimbursement has even slowed. All of the statistics show us that many providers are concerned about surviving and audit and providing quality care and doing the right thing. The problem is that we don’t have proper infrastructure. It isn’t that there is maleficence, but needs for improvement in the systems. This is important for me because I am going into a field where there is a lot of issues. It could be stressful, it could be dangerous. To be a nurse you have to love being a nurse because there are a lot of complications and loose ends when it comes to the organization and documentation. 

I also was impacted by the discussion on managing change. We talked about uniform changes. I thought it was a good idea for these reasons. One, this is a job and we are meant to follow what they have determined is the best way to work around here. Two, this will ease confusion for patients. We are here to care for them. Three, it is a job and the nature of a job is a uniform that fits your position. I think it is a great idea that will make it a more professional environment. Plus, easier for the girls to decide what to wear! 

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