Reflection Week 11

This week we had a lot of assignments on organization communities. We had to figure out where to put certain medical centers (surgical centers, urgent cares, etc) and determine what would help the communities, the costs, and the hospitals best. It was a challenge that I hadn’t yet confronted in nursing school. I definitely needed outside help. still it was interesting to learn the business part of nursing and how we resource hospitals and surgical centers in order to get good revenue, convenience for patients, and save on budget. 

I was also very intrigued by the modern healthcare article I read. Recently Donald Trump made some changes to Medicaid that may influence drug prices. It is causing people to ask some serious questions. As we have heard on Thursday Donald Trump made his biggest move to attack the soaring drug prices. He proposed a mandatory medicare Part B pay model that changes drug rates and how physicians are paid for those drugs. It has industry members, analysts, and advocates and politicians buying with praise while also some criticism about the plan. People have questions such as: Will the international benchmarks actually come to fruition? Something that the administration of Trump will not follow through with lowering the drug prices to the foreign prices for the same drugs (which are usually significantly lower). These changes could mean big decreases for some individuals. Only time will tell. That’s all for my reflection this week folks! Tune in for next weeks!


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