Reflection Week 13

So this week we talked about motivation as a part of our research. I liked finding ideas on how to motivate employees because one day we may be asked to do that as leaders of our own organization! Most significant to me was: Have opportunities for Continuous learning- If employees are engaged at work and have opportunities to improve their skills and increase their knowledge then they will be happier and more fulfilled. There should be a weekly newsletter or some sort of announcement that shows available trainings, education, classes, etc. 

Also, I was very intrigued by my modern healthcare article that I read.  It said that there was a discussion for American medical Association to talk about expanding preventative are coverage access to Canadian pharmacies. The House of Delegates will continue to debate a number of policies which will make it easier for patients to purchase drugs from licensed Canadian pharmacies. The conditions are “when product integrity can be assured”. The delegates also discussed out whether the physicians’ group should be allowed to call on private health plans to cover “evidence-based preventive services” without making patients pay an out-of-pocket expense such as a co-pay. Further discussion will talk about gun violence and whether concealed-carry permits should be allowed. I find this interesting because if we allowed guns it might make pharmacies and hospitals feel safer. Also, in terms of the expansion of care to Canada, I think that it is great. This is important to nursing because our health care system is different than any other one around the world. By universalizing our care I think it would have more positive than negative results.

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