Reflection week 15

Well, we have reached our last reflection. 

I was very intrigued by the case study. It was a somewhat random story, but it had very interesting repercussions. I’ll be honest it made me frightened to be a nurse leader because of all these difficult ethical dilemmas and legal issues. I also had an interesting finding on Modern healthcare. I wanted to share some of it: In Paradise, California there is only one acute-care hospital. They were force to evacuate as the Camp Fire closed in. There were about 600 staff members that had to pack into a conference room in the next time over. They people there revealed, “We asked the people in the room if they had lost their homes; almost everybody put their hand up in the air,” recalled Jill Kinney, a spokeswoman for the hospital, Adventist Health Feather River, which remains closed. Sadly they believe that the majority of the 100-bed hospital and 1,000 full and part time staff members lost their homes in the wildfire. There were more than 12,000 homes destroyed. It is unclear where these employees would live if they did return. People wonder, “where do they people go now?”. Further, “catastrophic wildfires like the Camp Fire can have the secondary effect of prompting long-term staffing shortages if the communities surrounding them are so devastated people decide to put down roots elsewhere”. There are many questions as to what will happen in California with the aftermath of the fire devastation. 

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